An event like this was supposed to happen. A revolution is always waiting to explode.

TRAPPIST-1 E is a new chance for humanity and scientists finally found a way how to reach that place. In Elysion town they build the first human colony outside of earths star- system. But shortly before arriving on TRAPPIST-1 E, they meet an old friend: Greed and Hate. There is an explosion on the colony ship and on the planet the colony is repeatedly attacked for no reason by traitors, the separatists. When the Separatists send an encrypted signal to Earth, the mayor of Elysion Town, Cooper, begins the rescue of the colony from which they fled from Earth. Can humanity change or is this its nature? Cooper needs to rescue his daughter Sophie from the hands of the separatists and wants to keep her, as well as her little sister Shannon, from suddenly becoming a copy of the destroyed and exploited first earth.

Chance of Elysion Ebook

TRAPPIST-1 E is a real planet

But the story isn`t :)

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Severin Kämpfer

Severin Kämpfer


Chance of Elysion


One day a ship from earth approaches the planet and the final fight about the future of humanity starts.

Dive in to the future

Dreams are creating ideas, that are going to change the world and reach the stars.. #memcantgetreserved








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